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Solutions, made to improve your business performance and profitability.


ERP is business management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage and integrate a company’s financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities.


What we can do for

Maintenance Management?

The maintenance department has an important role – to provide safe and secure continuous operation at demanding levels.


The productivity and efficiency of the plant and profitability of your organization depends on the health of your equipment. Two challenges that constantly put pressure on this department are global competition and technological advancement.

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How do you stay not just relevant but ahead of the pack?

That’s where Dynamics Software Maintenance Management comes in. It's an all-in-one solution that gives you real-time information across your business - to keep up with an ever changing and ever demanding world.


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Process Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Process Manufacturing

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Discrete Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Discrete Manufacturing


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Budgeting & Controls

Improve your organization’s flexibility to develop, modify, and control budgets

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Order Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an all-in-one solution that gives you realtime connectivity across your business.

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Inventory Management 

Have the flexibility to manage inventory and purchasing according to your needs,

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Master Resource Planning

MRP helps to streamline your manufacturing and supply chain process

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Get real-time insight into your manufacturing processes to help increase both your production efficiency and profitability

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Human Resource Management

Strategic tools you need to develop the human resources upon which your business goals depend on.

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Project Accounting

A complete and easy-to-use module that helps you efficiently manage project accounting across your company 

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Improve your business performance through an enhanced financial reporting process.

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Expense Management

Provides powerful capabilities for employees to manage travel and other business expenses.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Give your company a significant competitive advantage in meeting demand more effectively, lowering the cost of operations, and improving customer satisfaction.

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Financial Management

Helps you to automate your financial processes to increase effectiveness

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Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Process Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with 9 Dots meets your needs for speed and cost efficiency.


We know the demanding industry that you’re in requires for your company to be competitive, and that’s why we’re here for you.


Especially if you’re a manufacturer in the chemicals or food and beverage industry, to name a few, hurdles like stringent government regulations can create challenges and hamper productivity.

Process mfg

Respond quicker to customer trends and
ever-changing regulations.

Microsoft solutions delivered by 9 Dots can help you tackle such obstacles by compacting your development cycles, and also help you respond quicker to customer trends and most importantly, comply with the ever-changing regulations.


We will help you overcome your challenges.

Wouldn’t you want a partner to put the right system in place to improve operations, empowering you with visibility in the supply chain. After all, competitiveness is key.


This process industry solution creates a tighter weave between business processes across distribution, with discrete and process manufacturing to help increase efficiency and cut operational cost for businesses in process manufacturing.

It’s time to stay ahead

It’s time to gain a deeper understanding and a better hold onto your supply chain and process manufacturing life cycle.

It’s time to finally manage the complexities of formulating and producing products to customer satisfaction. It’s time to improve responses to customer needs.

It’s time to boost operations and at the same time have help in complying with legal, regulatory and market requirements.


A burden off your shoulders, a push in gaining advantage over the competition.

Gain productivity in Operations Management

Standardized processes and shared best practices will give more efficiency and can lower the risk across your organization. While accurate costing and capacity information saves time on quotes and estimations. This also readily supports modes for make to order, make to stock and mixed modes, or a hybrid environment.

Apart from also analyzing and monitoring production costs requirements, you get real-time updates to track order status.

Foster better links in Connectivity and Communication

Share portal-based, real-time information about specifications, order status. Plus quality control testing among key departments and trading partners. Enjoy a better integration of inventory, production and quality control data into your buying and selling, and production decisions. Also enables quicker response to order status, certificate of analysis and delivery queries.

Make Planning and Scheduling a breeze

  • Get the insight into costs and process efficiency with up-to-the-minute details on client, contract and project

  • Respond to changes in demand by adjusting product mix

  • Analyze capacity loading, shop floor activities and product costs with the what-if simulations

  • Capitalize on new opportunities, respond effectively to changing conditions

  • Schedule multiple package types within a single production run

  • Assess and consider recurring or rework products when scheduling

  • Deploy finite or infinite capacity and materials scheduling, backward or forward scheduling, day scheduling, or detailed scheduling by hours and minutes

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Discrete 

You want a system that can help you improve operations, open visibility into the supply chain and increase your competitiveness?


That’s where we come in

Producing the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time, with good quality and at an ideal customer price seems like an impossible task, but with Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivered by 9 Dots, you get the best you need for better success in the manufacturing industry.


You can have the flexibility to respond to the compliance standards as well as your customer’s ever changing needs. You can streamline processes and minimize the costs of carrying inventory for firms and produce goods from raw materials.

Discrete Mfg

Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Get the right tools and information support to streamline processes, reduce waste, enable demand-pull operations and support continuous improvement. All in all, this gives a comprehensive customer relationship, financial, collaboration and supply chain management capabilities, designed to help manufacturers increase efficiency and profitability.


This is what you need to sustain manufacturing and gain a competitive advantage, as this is a flexible end-to-end business management solution with the business insight and collaboration tools that will put businesses ahead.

What are the benefits of Lean Manufacturing using Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • Improve process flow and reduce waste with powerful tools for production cell organization, sales scheduling and direct production initiation, production leveling and synchronization and preconfigured materials routing.

  • Keep production on track and minimize materials and work-in progress inventory with the implementation of a production, supplier, and/or supermarket kanban system with a range of call types and triggers.

  • Speed up on process redesign, kaizen and problem-solving by easily sharing information, documents and collaboration tools among work teams and trade partners.

  • Understand value streams, eliminate bottlenecks and make improvements. Allows for better visibility, and access on true costs and enables you to provide critical information to those in the position to decide and improve process.

  • Reduce complexities, save time and optimize resources with more automated routine business processes. Improve communication, approvals, notifications, and information management.

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