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We are your go to partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation


 with more than 10 years of Implementation Experiences


Roll-out Projects


Combined implementation experiences



Reaching a Deal

We are your go to partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Performance and profitability.

Two key components of your business, but challenging nonetheless. That is where 9 Dots comes in, with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


The core focus of 9 Dots Consulting is on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI), we provide class-leading professional expertise with laser-focused quality service that can take your business to the next level of success.

We believe it is all about the people when it comes to executing the best service.

All of our staffs are professionally trained and have years of experiences in various industries.

We focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which ensures a better competency and expertise level.

Why We Are
Your Best Choice

We are Your Go-To Partner For
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation


What Clients Say

"They have continually extended superior service by responding to our needs in consulting and support. They have proven themselves to be a reliable service provider."

-Tractors Singapore

Why Choose Us?

Through our consistent growth and delivery track record, we are recognised as:



  • Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider 

  • Microsoft CSA Certified



Our consultants are consistently
in compliance with Microsoft certifications in their fields of expertise

why us

Services Overview

A complete range of services to better the important aspects of your business.

The way to better products, better services, better cost management and better competitiveness?

The right partnership !

9 Dots is committed to customer success, and we have built services teams to ensure success throughout the customer life-cycle. From project planning to product support, 9 Dots customers can count on our dedicated professionals to meet their workforce optimization objectives and realize rapid investment.


Be ahead, stay ahead, and the right enterprise system can get you there. Everything you need to maintain that edge over the competition can be found in the type of partnership that is fostered with 9 Dots Consulting Group. Experienced consulting, dedicated support, and future-thinking learnings are the type of combinations you want to power your performance.

Business representative

Get the most out of your software investment

There’s just one effective way to benefit most, which is to have your specific needs met. 9 Dots Consulting Group has a useful and wide array of services which means that we can look into better ways to offer you something that’s tailored to your needs.


Our experienced teams are driven to applying solutions that are specifically designed, exercising best practices approach to help your organization get up and sunning smoothly. We pride ourselves with fast implementations at a lower cost.

service overview

The range of services by 9 Dots Consulting Group.

Which one is made for you?

Training and Education






9 Dots Hands-on training and workshops

In an effort to foster closer relations with our customers, and to ensure smoother processes and implementations, as well as improving long-term productivity, 9 Dots has formulated training, educational programs and workshops that are designed for the full benefit of your company and team members.

We work closely with our customers on the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 training approach:





Provides our customers with a detailed overview of an application. All aspects of the software are explored and simulated, allowing the customer’s team to fully understand the entire system prior to defining the actual modules for individual use in the business environment.

Design Studio


Office Scene

Implementation Services

This is where our team work closely with yours to understand your business objectives and processes, so we can design a solution that delivers rapid business value, on time and more importantly, within budget. Whether it’s for single-site or multi-site or global rollouts, simple or complex.

9 Dots has the right type of business and technology experience for manufacturing, distribution and accounting.

With all the experience we’ve gathered from the projects we have been on and related closely to,

we know what exactly needs to be done to accomplish the type of results you are looking for,

especially in improving your business process. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) team

will suggest recommendations and carry out implementations that is optimal for your business.

We are your go-to provider for ERP Implementation Services for Manufacturers

For project teams looking for flexibility to outline important milestones and tasks for Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, this approach allows customers to decide the extent of their involvement in the

ERP implementation process.

Our process comes in five phases, which are:






Throughout all of these phases, 9 Dots will provide support with the necessary resources and skill sets to ensure success.

Our experience involves single-site, multi-site and multi-national business situations. Meeting your needs for cost-effective, timely results.

Some of the important aspects our dedicated staff will help in:

  • Project planning, organizing and staffing

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 installation for test and production

  • Core team and end user training

  • Business process mapping

  • Gap-fit analysis

  • Data mapping and conversion

  • Quality assurance

  • Set up and process workshops

  • Issue resolution​

  • Conference room pilot support

  • Manual and programmatic data setup and conversion

  • Morphx technical training

  • Integration and customization

  • Custom reports and forms

  • Permissions setup

  • Post go-live support

  • Post go-live improvements

  • Upgrade services

Business Meeting

Migration and Upgrade Services

With our solid track record, coupled with years of functional and technical experience in performing migrations and upgrades, you can rest assured of a smooth migration and upgrade process with minimal risk involved.


Part of our process is to offer a value upgrade assessment so that we can identify opportunities to eliminate customizations and reduce internal support costs.

Allowing you to take full advantage of new functionalities with the enterprise applications without any worry.

Application Management Services

Managing your IT resources in-house can become too complex and costly. That’s why outsourcing the maintenance and support of your enterprise applications is a wise choice.


We deliver a consistent level of quality with our services, within a standard cost structure that’s competitive. Our global team of professionals will keep your applications up to date with an optimized performance system.


We also provide help desk support for your user community.

All these because we know what is required to power your business and give you strategic business value.

Programmer in Office
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Signing a Contract

Business Services

Facing tough industry standards and regulatory requirements?

Experiencing resource constraints and pressure to meet the budget?


You can rely on our skilled business process consultants who will help to improve your business by enterprise application and technology.


Our prescriptive solutions and business case will drive process optimization and compliance.



What happens when a core software product

is unable to meet a customer’s specific

business processes?

9 Dots is able to develop a customized software solution to meet that specific need. Our design and programming services create a closer connection to your requirements, ensuring satisfaction.

At 9 Dots, we write custom software solutions, not custom software.

Our key difference is always to create a personal partnership. That’s why our development services are provided by a group of professional programmer analysts dedicated to creating, developing and supporting custom software modifications uniquely tailored to your needs.

Our leading edge SOA model as a framework will help place your business processes at the forefront of the marketplace. Plus, with our reusable software components, you’ll be able to see your results in a fast and cost-effective manner.


We are here for you every step of the way and beyond.

Staff Meeting

We know there is nothing like the assurance that you will be taken care of and that your business will run smoothly.


That’s why we provide you the closest partnership that comes with reliable support. From the moment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, our responsive support service team is there to help with the service to keep systems running smoothly.


We know how important it is to have uninterrupted service, and therefore our global support service professionals and partners are focused on a quick issue resolution and uninterrupted service to help our customers better.

9 Dots provides two levels of support services,
depends on what is needed



Our Standard Support services include:

  • 8×5 access to online and phone support

  • Established incident response times based on severity

  • Unlimited access to Microsoft CustomerSource support

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Knowledgebase

Glass Buildings


Our Premium Support services include Standard Support PLUS:

  • Dedicated Support Account Manager

  • Dedicated, prioritized phone number

  • Annual account review

  • Product roadmap sessions

  • Annual support visit

  • Proactive defect notification

  • Enhanced learning features


Since 2010, 9 Dots Consulting Group has established itself as a specialist Business Solutions Provider in the Asia Pacific. We have successfully delivered Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects to local enterprises as well as multinational corporations in various industries...

Our Location

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