Business Intelligence (BI)


Business Intelligence (BI)

With greater emphasis on corporate governance, the need to understand business performance and eventual financial reporting is even greater. This is where business analytics comes to the forefront. Statistics have shown companies that have a good business analytics platform tend to perform better amongst their peers.

Understanding this, the 9 Dots Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can help you succeed in your business. Regardless of issues such as financial, process or customer relationship management (CRM), our flexibility in deploying the best recommended solutions can give your company a significant competitive advantage in meeting demand more effectively, lowering the cost of operations, and improving customer satisfaction.


  • Create accurate demand-forecasting models that lower inventory and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Quickly access accurate information.
  • Instantly view real-time and historic data across multiple locations to improve decision-making and understand where savings can be found.
  • Implement metrics and tracking for individual cost centers, profit centers such as business units, warehouses and departments.
  • Use intelligent knowledge management to identify opportunities for new products and services to be offered.
  • Improve customer support by effectively tracking and monitoring customer needs and requests.